China-UK News November 2017

Singles Day breaks all previous sales records with $25.3 billion spend

China’s Singles Day, an event started by singles in China in the early 90s as an ‘anti-Valentines Day’, this month broke all previous records and cemented itself as the world’s biggest retail event with $25.3 billion spent in 24 hours, a 39% increase on last year.

90% of payments were made on mobile, and the quickest delivery was made within 13 minutes of ordering.

The event takes place on 11th November annually [the date of 11/11 symbolic for singles due to the ones within the date] and is now four times bigger than Black Friday in the US.

Special offers and reductions are common, with one Baijiu-producing company [a potent Chinese liquor] offering a lifetime supply of the drink for the first 33 customers for £1275.

China demand blamed for french butter shortage and Spanish ham inflation

Growing Chinese demand has been cited as a major reason in France’s current butter shortage and the rising cost of ham in Spain. Read more…

French butter prices have increased 35% so far this year; bad news for the country with the highest per capita rate of butter consumption. Meanwhile, prices of Spain’s legendary Jamón Ibérico have increased by 10%. Demand is beginning to surpass supply, particularly as the ham takes many years to make.

Although both exports hugely benefit both countries’ economies, some fear it may lead to some Spanish missing out on one of their most prized Christmas delicacies, while the French will be missing out on a staple part of their diet.

Chinese man rewarded with fish heads for life after saving four from drowning in sinking car

A Chinese man has been labelled a hero after saving four people, including a pregnant woman, from drowning following a car accident near Hangzhou in eastern China.

The car had been knocked off the road by another vehicle and subsequently swerved downhill in to a nearby lake. Liu Xinting, whose vehicle also captured the accident on his dashcam abandoned his vehicle to run to the lake, swam to the car and helped the four passengers inside to escape before the vehicle sank.

He is said to have been congratulated for his bravery by Jack Ma [his boss and one of China’s richest men] and has also been awarded free fish heads for life by a local restaurant chain.


An inspirational Chinese girl who lost her arms at the age of four has become an internet star after live-streaming her daily life. Yang Li, from Anhui, has already completed China’s gruelling university entrance exam with her feet, and now has found fame by showing how she has learnt to cope with her condition. She can write Chinese characters, use chopsticks, put on makeup, brush her teeth and even make dumplings despite having no arms to use. Read more here.


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