We are the first and only UK tour operator to provide tours for Chinese visitors to the UK with native British Mandarin-speaking guides. This is a unique approach that offers Chinese travellers the best of both worlds - combining local knowledge and British insight with enjoyable, comfortable travel in their own language.


We offer a variety of day tours in cities across the UK, lasting from a few hours to a full day, as well as longer bespoke tours for those who need a multi-day service. We also run study tours for Chinese student groups coming to the UK, combining visits to UK attractions with university or work visits.

Our tours are designed for Chinese travellers who seek unique, authentic experiences with local British Mandarin-speaking guides and are suitable for all ages.

Our guides are focused on showing you the real Britain and will help you get to know Britain in greater depth. We will bring you closer to our history and culture than any other Chinese tour operator ever could.

If you are a business interested in collaborating, please visit our Corporate page for more information.


  • Local

    We believe that by travelling in the company of a local you will see and hear how British people really live. Our guides will show you the way to the best local restaurants, pick out the best local dishes and, in some cases, can even point you in the direction of the local farm from which it came! Think of them as your knowledgeable British friends who speak your language and are there to look after you and meet your every need.
  • Authentic

    We are all about showing you authentic Britain. The beauty and attraction of the UK extends far beyond London; in fact to us, every place is equal and we will show you amazing spots you may never have known existed.
  • Hands-on

    On our tours it’s not all show and tell, as we like to encourage guests to get involved at every opportunity. We also use iPads throughout the tours to keep things clear, engaging and entertaining.
  • Unique

    We provide experiences that aren’t always found in the guidebooks; things that you can hold in your memory, but not in your hand.
  • Flexible

    If you like what we do but you have something more specific in mind, please don't hesitate to get in touch. We offer a dedicated and personal bespoke service and will do all we can to help make your plan a reality.


Beiwei 55° literally translates as 55 degrees north. This is the latitude of the midpoint of the UK, where you’ll find a small, quintessentially British village near Hadrian’s Wall – at the very heart of Britain! We like it because it reminds us, and our customers, that the heart and soul of Great Britain is found not only in London, but spread across the UK, captured in our diverse landscape, rich culture and everyday people.