Mandarin Translation & Interpreting for UK Businesses


Our professional translators and interpreters are all native Chinese with masters degrees in conference interpreting and translation, as well as having experience translating and interpreting for a range of business sectors. Meanwhile, all translation work is cross-checked by our native British Mandarin-speakers, meaning your work is proofread by both native British and Chinese translators who understand all languages involved as a mother tongue.

We can assist companies with:

  • Translation of website/marketing content into Mandarin Chinese
  • Translation of exhibition or event collateral into Mandarin Chinese
  • Interpreting services at corporate meetings, events or exhibitions
  • Provision of audio guides in Mandarin Chinese

We are already working with a number of UK-based companies, including multinational pharmaceuticals, football clubs, accommodation providers and museums, to help them improve their Chinese offering. In addition, we are always looking to collaborate with more tourist attractions, accommodation and activity providers in our endeavour to showcase more of Britain to the Chinese market.

If you require an interpreter or translator for any occasion, please do not hesitate to get in touch, and we will get back with a competitive quote as soon as we can.

Why Us?

Our qualified team has experience interpreting, translating and working with Chinese clients, be it for business meetings in The Shard or a visit to Manchester United. Whatever your need, we can help to ensure your business or company makes a good impression on any incoming Chinese interest or investment, large or small.
Our team of native British Mandarin-speakers and native Chinese translators and interpreters will offer you the best of both worlds: the ease of working with someone who understands Britain and the way business is conducted here, and the convenience of someone who speaks a high or native level of Chinese and, from working and living in both China and Britain, knows how to approach professional and personal situations and avoid cultural misunderstandings.

Contact Us

Please contact us with your enquiry providing as much information as possible.

For translation enquiries, please state the type of translation required, word count and due date if necessary.

For interpreting enquiries, please let us know type of interpreting required, dates and location of work.

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