Our Chinese guests had an absolutely brilliant time on your tour and they were raving about it when they returned to see us at Bicester Village. They were very, very impressed with your Mandarin and hugely complimentary of the tour so thank you so much.

Eleanor Llewellyn, MSL Group

Just had some feedback from the group and they really liked your guides and the trip to London. Thank you!

Caroline McGill, University of Derby

The delegation were happy with the tour so thanks once again for being so accommodating.

Rob Wadsworth, University of Leeds

Thanks very much for looking after our clients, they thoroughly enjoyed their time with you and were very impressed!

Claire Bouédo, Great British Trips

UK Chinese Tours for UK Businesses : If you are interested in any form of guiding for your corporate Chinese guests simply get in touch. You can read more about our tours here.

Britain is on the verge of a phenomenal growth in Chinese tourism and business investment, and we want to help UK companies of all sizes, across all industries, prepare for this wave of opportunity. To attract the Chinese and cater for their specific demands, organisations, businesses and service providers need to offer a Chinese-friendly service to their guests. This is where we can help.

Through the allocation of one of our native British Mandarin speakers, we can provide:

    • Private touring in and around Britain for your Chinese corporate guests, with a unique and authentic twist
    • Impressive Chinese welcoming services at any event, tradeshow or conference
    • Friendly support and guidance for Chinese students or employees new to Britain
    • Facilitation of events involving Chinese parties


We have previously worked with national and international companies and organisations, including Manchester United, The University of Leeds and Derby University, as well as corporate clients around the UK .