Duration: ½ Day (Approx. 3 hours)
Location: Central Paris
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Horse Guards Parade

  • This tour starts in the very heart of Paris, where the city first began over 2,300 years ago, and takes you through our most breathtaking sights. Along the way you will see views of the jaw-dropping Eiffel Tower, learn about the dramatic history of the Louvre museum, and stroll through Paris’ beautiful parks and squares like a true local.

    This is the perfect way to begin your trip to Paris – we’ll take you through the sightseeing heart of the city, point out the best places to visit, and help you familiarise yourself with all the most famous landmarks.

    Take time to stroll across the delicate bridges and along the stunning boulevards of Paris, soaking up the atmosphere and admiring the iconic architecture. Learn little-known facts about the most visited city in the world, and let our guide help you to make the most of your time here.

    We’ll take time to have a relaxing coffee in one of Paris’ most charming squares, and pause in the former royal gardens to enjoy the atmosphere. There will also be plenty of opportunities along the way to capture all the must-have Paris shots!

    As well as introducing you to some of our city’s iconic sights, we’ll tell you all about the hidden stories behind the famous spots! Hear about the brave and charming monarch who built Paris’ oldest bridge, the secrets of the Louvre museum, and the favourite haunts of the city’s most famous former residents.

    The highlights of this tour include:

    • Learning about the history and architecture of the beautiful Notre Dame Cathedral;
    • Browsing through one of Paris’ most charming street markets;
    • Pausing for coffee and enjoying the view in a secluded city square;
    • Seeing the prison that held France’s most notorious criminals and learning about their daring misdeeds;
    • Admiring the most famous piece of Chinese architecture in Paris;
    • People-watching on the world’s most stylish street, the Champs-Elysées.

  • Included:

     Native European Mandarin-speaking guide throughout

     Coffee and crepe in a traditional Parisian cafe

    Not included:

    Transport to/from the tour start/end point

  • Private tour

    Max 15 customers per guide

    Our half-day walking tours are approximately 3 hours long

    This tour starts from the Notre Dame area

     This is a walking tour so we recommend you wear a pair of comfortable shoes you are happy walking in for a prolonged period of time

    More general details about our tours can be found here.

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